August 22, 2016

Paling Fencing

Paling fencing is the most common type of fencing. It is also the most conventional type of timber fence seen throughout the greater Brisbane area. Also known as treated pine fence, it offers the perfect solution for boundary fencing around the home that won’t break the budget. A common paling fence is built with treated pine posts, rails and palings. To provide greater privacy, we push the palings up against one another. As a result, this design makes it one of the most economical, full privacy boundary fences on the Queensland market.

With the treatment in the timber offering long term resistance against decay and insects it’s no wonder it is one of Australia’s most popular long lasting fences.

We can build vertical or horizontal paling fences. It is the perfect addition to any residential boundary. We can custom build your paling fence to your required length and height.

paling fencing

Brisbane Fences has many years experience as designers and builders of high-quality cost-effective wooden paling fences. We cover all of Brisbane.

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